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A Few Things You Will Learn:

The New Danger Facing Real Estate Agents

Learn the biggest threats to our industry and understand how technology has changed everything. We show you how built a modern brokerage so that you are ready for the future.  

Get Our Daily Plan To Win Listings Faster.

We show you the step by step plan for building a plan to grow your business a little bit every day. Click on the button to sign up for one day of our 5 day that teaches you the process that we teach our agents to get more listings.

The New Danger Facing Real Estate Agents

Our course will teach you to stay focused during work and allow you to unplug while home. We teach you how to make more money while working less.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How hard is the test?

A really good test taker and someone who takes the time to study should have a high success rate. Around 70% of people miss passing both sections the first time. There are a lot of things to do to improve that pass rate like attend an in-person course and study with purpose.

How much does this career cost?

Basic costs are around $1000 in testing and licensing. Then you will need to join an MLS and obtain contract software. Many people are advised to have 3 to 6 months of their salary saved up but you can cut those costs by joining the right brokerage. 

How do you help me pass?

We teach the material so that you are able to breeze through some of the test so that you can spend more time on the difficult parts of the test. Then, we add real life examples and applications to the material to make the course material more relevant to your career.

How do I know where to work after passing the test?

This is an individual decision but there are many ways that you can find the right fit. We will help you determine the right place to work based on your work expectations and "why". 

Why does everyone keep talking about splits?

That is how you get paid and each brokerage handles their commission differently.

What kind of training would you have once I passed?

Our partner brokerages have an extensive training and onboarding system. We use an online system called Teachable so that you can learn more aspects of the field as you grow in your career!

What does school help me?

Education in Real Estate is important because we are given the right to execute contracts. We are also fiduciaries for our clients in the largest financial transaction that most people will enter. We teach you everything you need but also teach you how to find out more information if you find that you are still needing more. 

With iPREP and their career placement training, I passed with none of the above FAQ problems. I have sold over 12 homes in my first six months in Real Estate and changed my life forever!

J H - 2019

My career in real estate has changed my life and let me be the businesswoman that I always wanted to be


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